Ethel Boyes Elementary

Idaho Falls School District 91 first hired Design West to do a detailed evaluation of all existing facilities in the district. The goal of the evaluation was to define facilities that would benefit from upgrades to the existing facilities vs. those which would be better served by demolition. There is a point for every building where the cost to maintain it no longer makes financial sense. Design West recommended that four of the elementary schools be replaced with new schools due to seismic and age concerns of the existing facilities. The cost to upgrade was approaching that of a new school. Each of the new schools were placed on the site of the existing school, which maintained operations until the new school was complete. The design selected was a two story model so it could more easily fit on each of the four existing school sites.


The buildings are built out of insulated concrete forms (ICF’s) and heated using underground geothermal systems that take advantage of the ground source temperatures. The district received a substantial rebate because of the extreme energy efficiency of the facilities.
The facilities have been well received by the communities they serve and they are seen as a positive investment in children’s futures. The fact that all the schools were completed on budget and on schedule increases their positive reception.

Type: Architecture
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture

Sector: K-12 Education