GSA Social Security Administration Office Building Remodel

The J. Will Robinson Federal Building was on the government’s proverbial “chopping block” – if they were unable to find a tenant, the historic building would be sold and most likely torn down. The GSA identified the Social Security Administration (SSA) as the perfect occupant for the J. Will Robinson Building, as the lease they had on another building would soon expire. This solution reduced leased space, provided a home for SSA within a federally owned building, and saved the historic building from being sold and most likely demolished.
The original design of the 79 year old building included windows 14’ 6” feet tall. In previous remodels, the ceiling height was lowered and covered up nearly 30% of the original window’s surface area. This greatly reduced the amount of daylighting that could penetrate the interior of the building. The design team’s innovative approach utilized window curtain pockets in the building’s renovation which exposed the full height of windows, from sill to head. This design raised the ceiling height around the windows, creating a more open and airy feel for the building. It unifies the space by creating a feeling of shared natural light throughout the renovated space as the window’s full daylighting potential was realized.

Type: Architecture
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture

Sector: Federal