Old Main Rehabilitation & Re-roof

Utah State University selected Design West to guide Old Main, the flagship of the campus, through a multi-phase rehabilitation that continues with Old Main re-roof today. One of the defining objectives of this project is to rehabilitate this 100-year-old structure to provide for all the needs of a modern technology-enhanced university building.
The new design encourages the interaction of students, faculty, and administrators by facilitating an atmosphere that is social, instructional and administrative.  The rehabilitated building includes a large percentage of the University’s classrooms, computer labs, telecommunication labs and lecture auditoriums. The building houses the University President’s Office Suite and 12 of the University’s college department office suites and support classrooms and facilities. Old Main is considered the heart of the USU campus. It is the structure that gives identity to USU and anchors the west edge of the academic quad, and it one of the main classroom buildings serving the University campus

Type: Architecture

Sector: Higher Education