Utah State University Widtsoe Hall Chemistry Building, Eccles Science Learning Center

Utah State University’s goal was to replace the existing outdated Widtsoe Hall Chemistry Building with a safe, functional, state-of-the-art Science Learning Center for teaching, assembly, and receptions that would be a “show piece place.” The scope of work included an intricate orchestration of construction phasing around nearby buildings and on-going research and teaching lab work inside the building.

The new Widtsoe Hall provides for teaching and research on four floors, connected by an atrium to a Science Learning Center, which includes a 500-seat auditorium, two 160-seat lecture rooms/special classrooms and an office complex for the College of Science. The new chemistry facility provides a safer, more functional environment.

The A/E Team engineered the building to not only meet new stringent energy guidelines set forth by the State and ANSI, but exceed them by 50%. Even more impressive is the fact that this was accomplished without any increase in the project’s budget.

Type: Architecture
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture

Sector: Higher Education