Dennis Adderley

Dennis is Project Manager at Design West that handles a lot of the Construction Administration. He takes the designs of architects and creates construction documents that the contractors can build from.  He then attends weekly meetings on each project with the owner and contractor to go over issues that arise during construction. He reviews shop drawings submitted by sub-contractors to verify the project is receiving products as called for in the drawings and specifications.  He also issues changes that come about due to owner requests or that need to be made that are needed to make a complete project.

“I like taking a good design and finding a way to build what a client is looking for.  It’s very nice to take a piece of property and help develop it into a project that the owner can be happy with.”

Dennis is client oriented and loves seeing a project through its completion. He is a code expert and has extensive knowledge of AutoCad.  When he’s not in the office he enjoys being with his family, camping, traveling to national parks, fishing with his grandsons and researching family history.